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LEAP Coronavirus update

URGENT: New coronavirus advice and LEAP

Following the government’s latest announcement (5pm on 16th March) on measures to be taken in light of the changing coronavirus situation in the country, we are making the following immediate changes to the LEAP process:

  • We will not be making any new home visit bookings for the time being with immediate effect, and request that you do not make any new referrals into LEAP until further notice.  LEAP will restart later in the year, so please keep a record of people you would like to refer into us later on.
  • We are contacting each resident that has an existing booking due to take place a couple of days ahead of their appointment to make sure that:
    • They are still happy for the visit to go ahead
    • They do not have any symptoms of the virus
    • They have not come into contact with anyone that has symptoms of the virus in the last two weeks
    • They have not travelled from outside the country in the last two weeks
  • We will be paying particular attention to those in the high risk groups, especially the elderly and those with existing chronic health conditions.

A small number of our partners carrying out the home visits have made the decision themselves already that they do not wish to continue doing visits for the time being, and in those areas we will be contacting all those customers to postpone their home visit to a later date. But as of Tuesday morning, we are continuing to carry out the home visits that are already booked where the risk is considered to be sufficiently low. All our partners are well briefed on the hygiene measures they should be observing, including:

  • Carrying with them their own sanitising gel and towel
  • Sanitising hands before, during and after visits
  • Keeping a distance from the person they are meeting and not shaking hands or coming into direct contact
  • Respecting a resident’s wish to decline a visit
  • Self-isolating if they themselves start to feel unwell.

Although we are very close to the end of the programme funding year, reducing the number of visits to be done between now and the end of April means that we have some funding that can be reassigned into the ECHO emergency heating programme. We consider that this is an appropriate use of funds with the prospect of many households being forced to isolate in a home with no working heating system.

So if you are aware of any households in a no-heat situation, we will be accepting new referrals for a couple more weeks, or until the funding is all spent. You can still use the LEAP referral form to make a referral for ECHO, making sure to tick the box “If you own your own home AND your gas central heating is broken, then please tick here” which is towards the bottom of the form.

We thank you all for your support and co-operation during these coming difficult weeks.



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