What is it?

Uncontrolled ventilation from gaps in your home leads to heat escaping from your home, wasting energy.

Draught-proofing is the process of blocking these unwanted gaps that are most commonly found at windows, doors and open chimneys.



Draught proofing is a very cost-effective method of insulating your home.

While you can pay for a company to draught-proof your home, it’s also something you can do yourself meaning you only have to pay for the equipment.

Draught free homes are more comfortable at lower temperatures meaning you can heat them to lower temperatures.

What properties is it suitable for?

Any property can benefit from draught-proofing. Click here for a guide on what can be draught-proofed and how you can do it yourself

Click here to find out what other insulation measures would be suitable for your property.

Typical cost

Draught-proofing is a very cost effective way of insulating your homes and can be done by anyone meaning you’ll only need to pay for the equipment. However, you can pay for this to be done professionally which could cost around £225 for a typical semi-detached property.

Available funding

Funding is available for owner-occupiers and privately let properties where occupiers meet certain eligibility criteria. Click the below tiles to find out if you’re eligible for funding.

How to find an installer

When choosing an installer, make sure they are Trust Mark accredited. This is a government backed accreditation that demonstrates installers are reliable and professional. This information can usually be found on an installers website. Click here to visit the TrustMark website to find an insulation installer near you.