Floor insulation

What is it?

Insulation can be applied to the ground floor of your home or on any floors that are over an unheated space such as a garage.

For older homes with suspended timber floors, the floorboards will need to be lifted up and the insulation will be installed beneath them. Alternatively, spray foam insulation can be applied directly under the floorboards using a remote controlled robot which will avoid needing to take up the floor boards.

Newer homes with concrete floors can have insulation laid over the top, this can be easily done if the floor is being replaced.

Floor insulation

What are the benefits?

Save money on your bill

Insulating the floor of your property means less heat can escape, lowering the cost of heating

Reduce your carbon footprint

Using less energy to heat your property means less CO2 is released into the atmosphere, reducing your impact on climate change

Increase your property value

Increasing the energy efficiency of your property increases the value of the property and makes it more appealing to buyers and renters

Improve living conditions

A well insulated property will be easier to heat to a comfortable temperature. It will also help keep the property cooler in summer

What properties is it suitable for?

Floor insulation can be applied to any property. Older properties with suspended timber floors will benefit more from floor insulation as they lose more heat than concrete floors. They’re also likely to be cheaper to insulate.

Click here to find out what insulation measures would be suitable for your property.

Typical cost

The cost to install floor insulation will depend on the type of floor you have. A suspended timber floor will likely cost upwards of £500 and a concrete floor will cost upwards of £1,000

Available funding

Funding is available for owner-occupiers and privately let properties where occupiers meet certain eligibility criteria. Click the below tiles to find out if you’re eligible for funding.

How to find an installer

When choosing an installer, make sure they are Trust Mark accredited. This is a government backed accreditation that demonstrates installers are reliable and professional. This information can usually be found on an installers website. Click here to visit the TrustMark website to find an insulation installer near you.