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Discover your homes solar panel potential

Apply for free energy saving measures

Owing to unprecedented demand this scheme is now fully subscribed. Additional funding to extend the project is now being sought. Please do make an application via the application form below if you are interested in the offer. Your application will be added to a waitlist and you will be contacted should the application for additional funding be successful.

Portsmouth City Council has £9.4 million of grant funding to assist with the cost of installing energy efficiency improvements to your home.

There is up to £10,000 of funding available per household. Apply for these measures using the form at the bottom of the page.


A Solar PV system. To see how this technology works, watch our video HERE

Solid Wall InsulationWall insulation

Solid Wall Insulation, worth up to £10,000. Watch our video on how this technology works HERE

Air Source Heat PumpsAir source heat pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump heating system. To see how this works, watch our video HERE


Other energy saving home improvements, including  heating controls.

Am I eligible?  

If you have a household gross income below £30,000 a year*, and an energy inefficient home, you could receive these measures for FREE.

If you live in a privately rented home, your landlord will need to contribute 1/3rd of the costs

PCC social housing tenants are not eligible for this scheme


Apply today


 Apply to our waiting list using the form below. You will be contacted once further funding has been secured.

This scheme is administered by our partners, Agility Eco.

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* Gross income includes any benefits received, before tax or bills. Household income includes the incomes of all occupiers in a home