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Switch Energy Supplier

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We have teamed up with uSwitch to get Portsmouth residents switched on to saving money on energy bills.

It’s quick and easy to compare different gas and electricity suppliers to help find the cheapest energy prices. Switch to a better deal and cut the cost of your bills. It really is that straight forward with uSwitch taking care of the switch process, so you don’t have to!


CAUTION: Due to the ongoing energy crisis, you should think very carefully about whether now is the right time for you to switch energy supplier or tariff.


See our ‘what to do if your energy supplier goes bust‘ advice page or we have a page for regular updates on the energy crisis

Why switch energy supplier?

Switching supplier can save you up to £280 on your annual energy bill. Savings will vary based on your usage, and the tariffs available.

You can switch tariffs with the energy supplier you are already with. If you are on a standard variable tariff, switching to a fixed tariff with the same supplier can save you money on your energy bill.

A switching application will only take you five minutes to complete. After that, the suppliers will work together to complete the switch, and you should be notified of the date when the switch will be complete.

You have a cooling-off period of 14 days after making your application to change your mind and cancel the application.

Have a few more questions?

Can I switch if I’m already on a fixed contract?

You can switch suppliers when you are on a fixed term contract, but you might be faced with an exit fee. Make sure to check your contract before making any switch.

Can I switch if I have debt on my account?

You can switch suppliers even if you are in fuel arrears, as long as you owe less than £500 and are on a repayment meter. Your new supplier will also have to agree to accept you as a customer. If you are struggling with fuel debt, click here for more help.

Can I switch supplier if I have a smart meter?

You can still switch suppliers if you’ve had a smart meter installed. However, you might lose some functionality of the smart meter, as it might revert to a traditional meter depending on whether the supplier you switch to is equipped to deal with smart meters. Check with your new supplier before you make the switch to see if this will have an effect on your meter.

Can I switch supplier if I have a prepayment meter?

You can switch suppliers when you have a prepayment meter installed. There are limited tariffs for prepayment meters, however, and they are one of the most expensive ways to pay for your energy usage – you can pay up to £290 more on prepayment compared to credit meters.

How do I change from a prepayment to a credit meter?

Contact your energy supplier and ask them about the process. They will assess your eligibility and will send an engineer out to complete the swap if you are eligible. You might be faced with a fee to complete the switch, depending on your energy supplier.

What is the right tariff for me?

It is worth thinking about what tariff you need before you make the switch. You might want to consider, for example:

  • The cheapest tariff available
  • No exit fees so you can leave at any point
  • an environmentally-friendly tariff
  • If the supplier offers the Warm Home Discount

You should also check whether you need a specific type of tariff (such as Economy 7)