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Switched On Portsmouth – Referral Form For Energy Support

  • This online referral form is for staff to refer a customer to Switched On Portsmouth for energy support.
  • Support is available for Portsmouth residents in PO1-6 postcodes.
  • Support is delivered in partnership with The Environment Centre who will receive & handle this referral.
  • Examples of roles who may use this form: LEAP home energy advisors, GP, housing officer, social worker etc.
  • Please ensure you have the customers’ consent to refer them in (see gdpr info below)
if the customer has a carer or representative
tick all that apply
Any personal information provided to us will be handled sensitively and securely in accordance with data protection regulations and our privacy policy. You can view: 1) the environment centre's privacy policy here: 2) Portsmouth City Council's privacy policy here: 3) Wordpress' privacy policy here: